Nunnykirk Weekly News for Parents and Carers No. 14

INTERS TIMETABLE – We have managed to find eleven lessons to split the group between two teachers (in addition to the existing jointly taught lessons like Games) to help support individual progress according to needs. Thanks to all staff who have kindly accommodated these adjustments.

Our pupils now have complimentary access to additional therapies. This has been really successful, thanks to the excellent work of our Counsellor and Speech and Language Therapist. This term we’ll be adding Occupational Therapy to our offer.

This year, at request of parents, carers, young people, staff and others we work closely with, we introduced a range of options for upper years. I was really pleased (and somewhat relieved!) that we were able to run all options offered and chosen.

NK BF Nunnykirk Weekly News for Parents 6th January 2017