Geoff Hodgson - Teacher

Mr Hodgson’s interests are Photography and Fine Art, travel, computers and music. Somehow he has managed to work in most of these at Nunnykirk!

People are sure that he has taught at other schools, perhaps also in a museum (he likes Ancient History and is a member of the Egyptian Exploration Society) and worked with wolves in a wildlife park (he is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society), but this could be all hearsay as he has been working at Nunnykirk so long!

Rumour has it that he has a certificate in Careers education and guidance and that his work for his Masters Degree involved enhancing self-esteem through photography. It is known that he has taught Environmental Studies, Geography, Information Technology and Modern World History to GCSE level but nowadays concentrates on the creative arts. To that end he is often found in the professional photo studios of the North East, or abroad in the galleries, museums and exhibitions of Paris, Nice or Berlin, often with Nunnykirk students in tow. On Tuesday evenings he accompanies students around the hills of Northumbria on his Photo hobby to enhance creativity, while during the day he is he found in the Cellar Door Studio (a fully equipped photo studio at Nunnykirk), in the darkroom or the art room, teaching Fine Art and Photography from year 8 through to year 13, up to GCSE and Advanced level.

Mr Hodgson also, according to gossip, handles all the exam business at Nunnykirk, is a member of MENSA, and can be found in the holidays, normally with camera in hand, in the cities of Spain or the islands of Greece. Do not, however, get into a conversation about photography, or art, or music, or computers, or the ancient world with him – you could be there a while...