We have now recovered from the lightning storm of two weeks ago. Thank you to all staff and parents for your patience while we have been working hard to get everything back up and running. The storm sent just about anything electric for miles around into a frenzy.  The power was off for several hours, the phones were out  and our internet completely out for over a week.  At all times we had safety firmly in mind, and the boarders, somewhat stirred during the storm but safe inside what must be one of the strongest structures in the North East.

Hot meals, courtesy of our oil­fired Aga were provided.

Safety torches, provided to all boarders last year worked.

As always, our community pulled together and everyone moved around safely. We learned much from this event, and have already installed some additional safety lighting. On Monday, our boarders will have the pleasure of a night time ‘Safe evacuation’ practice. Thanks especially to our Parent Governor, Gary Jefferson for his advice and support in enhancing our provision.