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Please note that on Wednesdays all pupils have complimentary   access to additional therapies,  which over the year will include Counselling, Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy.


The English Curriculum is designed to engage and enrich the learning of the students of Nunnykirk Centre. Students who attend the Nunnykirk Centre should expect to study a wide range of topics, texts and accreditation in a high challenge but low stress environment that values support and progress at all ages and levels. The subject is taught by three teachers with vast experience of working with young people with special educational and additional needs and the curriculum content is designed to meet those needs and offer further opportunity for personal development. The English Curriculum has two constituent areas; Special English and Subject English.

Special English:

Consisting of 50% of the English timetable, this area of the curriculum aims to build a supportive basis for positive verbal and written communication as well as reading comprehension for all students. This is delivered as many students who access the Nunnykirk Centre have below average attainment in literacy. This area of the curriculum is designed to offer intervention to all students and improve their literacy skills. This is done through a multi-sensory approach which relies heavily on the repetition of intervention programmes in order to solidify skills and offer milestones for future attainment.

Subject English:

Consisting of 50% of the English timetable, this area of the curriculum focuses on the enriching study of English and follows several nationally recognised programmes of study. The programmes of study offered from upper Key Stage 3 at the Nunnykirk Centre are ASDAN Short Course: English Language, ELC Step-up to English, Functional Skills: English and GCSE English Language. These courses have been chosen for the depth and challenge of their syllabus. Furthermore, they offer all our students the greatest opportunity to be successful in school and to continue this success in the wider world of work and employment. We aim to give every student the chance to succeed and progress and we celebrate all our students’ achievements. However we also accept that not all students will progress at the same rate or pace and in some cases students may join us at different points in their learning journey. Due to this we offer a ‘stage not age’ approach to entry for accreditation which takes into consideration not just the student’s year of entry but their ability in the subject at their point of entry. Through this approach, we believe we are able to develop the individual’s self-confidence and self-esteem through the personalised delivery of an English curriculum that is tailored to the learner and in which students, staff and parents are equal partners. If there are any questions regarding the above please feel free to contact me directly at the Nunnykirk Centre either by phone 01670 772685 or by email: