AA Gill died on th 10th December 2016.  He continued to write for the Sunday Times until shortly before his death. Gill was also a contributing editor to Vanity Fair and he wrote a series of columns for GQ on fatherhood and other subjects. He also wrote for Esquire, where he served as an Agony Uncle, ‘Uncle Dysfunctional’.

He published collections of his writings and also wrote two novels.  In 2015 he published a memoir, Pour Me.

In 2014 Gill won an Amnesty International Media Award, and a Women on the Move award for a series of Sunday Times Magazine articles on refugees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Jordan and Lampedusa. He also won the ‘Hatchet Job of the Year Award’ for his scathing review of Morissey’s autobiography.

Why am adding this to the Nunnykirk website?  Gill suffered from severe dyslexia and consequently dictated all of his writing.

On his death The Sunday Times editor Martin Ivens described Gill as “the heart and soul of the paper” and “a giant among journalists.

Dyslexia is not a barrier to achievement and Nunnykirk gives its pupils the skills to reach their goals.