Student feedback noteThe following is the feedback received from a new pupil following half a term at Nunnykirk.  The original hand written note is attached.

“Middle school has been a very hard experience.  At the end of my first year I became quite ill with the stress and sadness.  The transition and middle school structure caused.  Obviously since then I have improved a great deal with the help of [name of teacher] and an immense amount of support from my family, friends and [name of doctor].  I’ve never been able to feel happy or OK in a school environment since first school.  For the first few weeks I went to Nunnykirk I actually felt very comfortable.  I could easily manage any anxiety and  stress whilst there and outside in the grounds.  I felt very confident that every morning I could attend and enjoy my day.   It was an amazing feeling compared to not being able to force myself to attend [name of school]”